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Our Book: The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence

The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence

By Steve Williams and Nancy Williams

Since founding DecisionPath Consulting, we have had the privilege of working with great clients and colleagues. We have always approached our engagements in the spirit of partnership – whereby we bring our general business knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise in business intelligence and data warehousing, and our clients afford us an opportunity to help them succeed.

In the process of achieving those successes, we have observed a variety of challenges that can potentially derail even the most promising BI opportunities. Simply put, the majority of these challenges are business challenges. This experience has led us to the conclusion that if companies are going to fully realize the profit potential of business intelligence (BI), there needs to be a better understanding of BI in the executive and managerial ranks, and that is the motivation for this book. BI has the demonstrated ability to improve profits by tens or hundreds of millions of dollars annually, depending on the size of the company. Accordingly, BI should be a key tool for managing and improving performance – and profits – at just about any company in just about any industry. With that as the premise, The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence addresses such topics as:

  • The Business Value of Business Intelligence
  • Identifying and Prioritizing BI-Driven Profit Opportunities for Your Company
  • BI Readiness: Prerequisites for Leveraging BI to Improve Profits
  • Business-Centric BI Development and the BI Pathway Method
  • Leading and Managing a BI-Driven Profit Improvement Program
  • BI in the Broader IT Context
  • Key Ways BI Can Deliver Improved Profits
  • Common Mistakes Companies Make on BI Initiatives

Given the mission of building a better understanding of BI in the executive and managerial ranks, we have written The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence from a perspective that blends general management and technology strategy thinking. By doing so, we hope to engage an audience that includes business and IT leaders and managers as well as BI and data warehousing project managers, architects, and analysts.

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Reviews of The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence:

‘The ideas in The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence were central to our deployment of business intelligence applications that allowed us to manage revenue delivery and reduce costs.  –Kevin McCaughey, Vice President – Strategic Planning, McCormick & Company Global Industrial Group

The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence is an easy read that is full of good information. This book belongs on the desk of the business manager charged with building and operating the business intelligence infrastructure. This book represents a valuable contribution to the different perspectives that surround business intelligence.” — Bill Inmon, Business Intelligence pioneer

“We have used the strategies in The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence to align our BI program with our critical success factors and to drive our BI development efforts.” –Terry Lillis, CFO/Retirement and Investor Services, The Principal Financial Group

“This is a ‘must read’ book for anyone who wants to achieve real business intelligence.” –David L. Wells, Director of Education, The Data Warehousing Institute

“This book is a must for business leaders who require that their BI programs drive real business value.” –Barbara Wixom, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of MS-MIT, University of Virginia McIntire School of Business

“This book is a welcome addition to the executive’s library who understands the value of leveraging information for competitive advantage and value creation.” — Bob Paladino, President, Bob Paladino & Associates

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