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BI Training and Education

DecisionPath consultants have delivered thousands of hours of business analytics, performance management, business intelligence and data warehousing instruction at conferences, seminars, and at major organizations in a wide range of industries. We are able to leverage our hands-on experience in the business and IT field to create and deliver courses that are customized to meet your exact training needs.

Insight through Business Intelligence Training

Our training seminars and courses can help your business executives gain insight into the business benefits of analytics. These seminars also help executives identify and assess key analytics opportunities and begin down the path of leveraging information for more informed decision making.
Our standard BI/DW courses can be customized into workshops that offer BI teams the opportunity to put into practice the concepts, principles, and methods from these highly regarded courses that have been taken by thousands of BI and IT professionals around the world.

  • Course Offerings: view a list of our propietary and customizable courses as well as the TDWI courses we teach.
  • Calendar: our schedule of upcoming teaching sessions. 
  • Training Clients: see a list of some of the training clients we’ve worked with.

Reviews of our Business Intelligence  Training Offerings

Here’s a sampling of reviews from students who have taken our training courses:

  • BI Pathway Class:  “Excellent “primer” for developing a successful BI practice”  “This course gave me a lot of insight about why and how BI projects need to be run differrently” “I like the fact that this class maintains a focus on business capabilities.”  “Gives me a methodology to follow.  I wish my team had this training before we inherited our BI projects”
  • Business Requirments for BI Impact Classs: “The presentation was great and gave me the motivation to educate my actual client about these concepts”  “This class really exceeded my expectations.”  “Excellent framework.  I am going to recommend that we incorporate this as our best-practice approach”  “Best class I attended.  This will  enable me to go back and do things in a way to maximize business value.”

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