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Industry-Leading Data Warehousing Consulting Services

At the heart of any sophisticated business intelligence and analytics program is a reliable and integrated data warehouse platform. With over a decade of experience working in a wide variety of data environments, we understand how to help you develop a world-class data infrastructure that meets your immediate information needs now while also supporting your longer-term journey towards achieving world-class business intelligence and analytic capabiltiies over time.

While a lot of companies have made significant investments in data warehousing, there is more and more interest now to reap the business benefits of these technical investments.  This is frequently portrayed as “We have a data warehouse but we want to get better business intelligence.” Often the problem is that these organizations are focusing on data and technical execution, without the emphasis on a BI Strategy, Roadmap and the changes needed in the business to capture the ROI.

Our Data Warehousing practice is built on three areas: information architecture, technnology selection, and technical execution.

Data Warehousing Information Architecture Services

In order to optimize analytics for better business performance, it’s critical to have a business-driven, technically-effective arrangement of your business information. Often, however, companies cobble together data from disparate sources or attempt to use an information architecture not designed for business analytics.  With our Information Architecture engagements, DecisionPath uses our extensive knowledge of industry trends and best practices to help our clients evaluate how the current information architecture supports their ability to leverage business analytics. Additionally, we help clients define a target-state information architecture and associated migration path that is cost-effective and risk-appropriate in relation to business needs and objectives.

For more on DecisionPath’s offerings for Information Architecture view our Custom Consulting Services Catalog.

Data Warehousing Technology Selection Services

DecisionPath has developed a rigorous and objective methodology for evaluating business intelligence and data warehousing technologies.  DecisionPath’s methodology considers business intelligence delivery requirements, organizational design, program goals, and technology infrastructure as critical factors in determining which technologies are best suited to meet the client’s needs. Our approach begins with user requirements.  We develop a clear understanding of how the technologies will be used to drive improved performance, and we use a proven, multi-attribute utility model to capture and rank user requirements.  This results in an objective, unbiased view of user needs.

We combine our in-house practical expertise, our extensive knowledge of the business intelligence technology markets, and our access to detailed product research to evaluate the requirements against key product attributes and make technology recommendations that meet those needs.

Technology and Tools Evaluations may include:

  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tools
  • BI analysis, presentation and delivery tools
  • Data quality tools
  • Metadata management tools and technologies
  • Enterprise data warehousing platforms, appliances, and infrastructure technologies

For more on DecisionPath’s offerings for Technical Selection view our Custom Consulting Services Catalog.

Data Warehousing Technical Execution Services

In addition to helping our clients define and assess their business analytics strategy and vision, we can also help them execute.  While we envision our role as trusted advisors to clients who are on a path to achieving better use of information – we also have the deep technical expertise to build out world-class applications with or for these clients.  DecisionPath can provide you with technical execution services based on our cross-industry experience and established technical best practices on a turn-key basis or in concert with our your technical professionals, as appropriate.

For more on DecisionPath’s offerings for Technical Execution view our Custom Consulting Services Catalog.

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