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BI, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics for Government Agencies

Government agencies face many challenges in executing their missions, and there are many opportunities to enhance mission performance and outcomes by leveraging business intelligence, big data, performance management systems, and advanced analytics.  Whether the challenge is optimizing resource allocation, analyzing costs in relation to outcomes, explaining service level impacts of budget cuts, or improving operational activities such as claims processing, government agencies need – and are required to have – better information and analytics for managing their programs.

DecisionPath works with government agencies to formulate pragmatic strategies for leveraging  business intelligence, big data, performance management systems, and advanced analytics to improve mission performance.  We also help government clients design, develop, and deliver data architectures, data warehouses, and data marts that support a broad spectrum uses, such as research, operations improvement, resource allocation, cost analysis, regulatory reporting, and many others.

Government Success Stories

  • Federal Government:

    Our client is a large U.S. federal agency responsible for advancing economic security is undergoing a multi-year effort to standardize the methods and tools of measuring and executing citizen-facing business processes. The Challenge The agency uses manual work sampling to measure the amount of time employees spend performing direct service activities. This method, while valid for cost […]

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