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Business Intelligence Consulting for Sales Professionals

For sales executives, information is power; not having reliable information lessens the accuracy of your forecasting, leaves you vulnerable to competitive maneuvering, weakens your position in customer negotiations, and can often send you chasing after low-value customers. But managing the complexity of customer, product, channel, and competitive interactions is challenging.

DecisionPath Consulting helps sales executives and sales teams evaluate improvement opportunities enabled by business intelligence, big data, business performance management, and business analytics.  With the right solution, sales executives and sales teams can achieve sales goals and streamline multidimensional  analysis of sales information to measure, monitor, analyze, predict, and report on sales performance, trends, opportunities, and threats.

Sales Solutions

  • BI for Sales Professionals:

    DecisionPath provides business intelligence solutions to help sales managers:

    • Budget, plan and forecast revenue more accurately
    • Better monitor and manage revenue attainment, and analyze variances
    • Understand pricing impacts on margin objectives

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