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Business Intelligence Consulting for Senior Executives

Senior executives often have to make crucial decisions based on limited information.  With advances in business intelligence, big data, data management, business performance management systems, and business analytics, today’s top executives can have better decision support tools – which can usefully augment their extensive experience and informed intuition.  No longer must key decisions be made in what military strategists would call “the fog of war” – a lack of crucial up-to-the minute information, the inability to process all the information that’s available, and the means to make sense of the bigger strategic picture.

DecisionPath Consulting helps senior executives leverage business intelligence, big data, business performance management systems, and business analytics to make more informed and impactful decisions that drive profits and performance.  Well-architected performance scorecards, dashboards, and alerts provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators and financial metrics – allowing executive teams to quickly assess emerging opportunities and threats and steer the company along the most profitable path.

General Management Solutions

  • BI for C-Level Executives:

    DecisionPath provides business intelligence solutions to help senior executives:

    • track strategic performance in relation to a balanced set of strategic targets
    • monitor operational performance of the key business processes that drive customer satisfaction and retention
    • understand the linkages between operational processes and financial results

General Management Success Stories

  • Food Company; BI for C-Level Management – 1:

    Upgrading and get more business value from existing data warehousing and business intelligence infrastructure while driving more informed decisions through better information and performance management tools

  • Electric Utilities Company; BI for IT and Business Executives-1:

    Aligning BI investment strategy with industry and company business challenges, justifying the strategy to regulators, and creating a pragmatic roadmap based on business-driven BI priorities and a low-risk technical approach

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