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What’s your path?

From information to insight to impact: what’s your path? Most companies understand the potential benefits of business analytics, but few have discovered how to leverage business information for more informed decision-making and better performance. The path to insight and impact isn’t an easy one. That’s why we’re here. DecisionPath helps clients navigate this uncertain terrain to create world-class analytics solutions.

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Are you agile?

Agile means successfully navigating through your company’s complex mountain of information. Agile means producing high-impact business intelligence and analytics applications with shorter cycle times. Find out how our BI Pathway Method helps companies develop BI applications that make a difference in your business.

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Smart and Informed

The world’s smartest people once knew the world was flat – until they had better information. See how the right analytics solution could give you a more complete picture of your business world and how to get the results you need.

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BI is a Journey

Attaining an enterprise-wide business intelligence and analytics program doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process…a journey. No matter where your starting point is with analytics, or your desired destination, DecisionPath can help guide you on your path to success.

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My Role is:

For sales executives, information is power; not having reliable information lessens the accuracy of your forecasting, leaves you vulnerable to competitive maneuvering, weakens your position in customer negotiations, and can often send you chasing after low-value customers. But managing the complexity of customer, product, channel, and competitive interactions is challenging. DecisionPath Consulting helps sales executives […]

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Marketing departments have many opportunities to leverage big data, business intelligence, business performance management, and business analytics.  With more and more data being collected about customers, product/service purchases, and promotional results, the challenge for many marketing professionals is figuring out how to organize and leverage this data.  Further, the prevalence of social media has created an explosion of […]

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Finance executives can benefit from business intelligence, big data, business performance management, cost analysis, and business analytics in ways that were not possible as recently as 15 years ago.  As both providers and consumers of financial information, finance departments are challenged to provide more timely insight into the root causes of their company’s financial performance.  […]

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Operations executives and their teams are typically challenged to dynamically balance cost, time, customer service, output, quality, and asset utilization.  Since the data they need often resides in multiple disparate systems, there are many opportunities to improve performance by leveraging business intelligence, big data, business performance management, and business analytics. Without a high level of visibility into […]

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Big data, data warehousing, business intelligence, data management, and business analytics are all hot topics for IT executives.  While social media strategies and keeping business systems humming are high priorities, more and more IT executives are asked to tame the torrent of data flows, manage data as an enterprise asset, and enable the business to […]

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Senior executives often have to make crucial decisions based on limited information.  With advances in business intelligence, big data, data management, business performance management systems, and business analytics, today’s top executives can have better decision support tools – which can usefully augment their extensive experience and informed intuition.  No longer must key decisions be made in […]

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Professionals at the front-line of company efforts to leverage business intelligence, big data, and business analytics, see the benefits of evolving  to cohesive, well-architected approaches. The process of developing an enterprise BI strategy and program, though, is complicated and multi-faceted – and there are strategic barriers to overcome along the way. DecisionPath has the experience and methods to formulate […]

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My Industry is:

These are challenging times for food and CPG companies – and leveraging business intelligence, big data, and business analytics can help meet the challenges.  Companies in the industry find themselves dealing with retail consolidation, increased private label competition, reduced brand loyalty, rising consumer expectations, and an increasing number of distribution channels.  These forces create complexity. One way to cope with […]

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Most  of the companies in the wide variety of manufacturing and distribution industries use business processes that can be improved by leveraging business intelligence, big data, business performance management systems, and/or business analytics.   While the drivers of operational and financial performance vary by industry, company success is a function of balancing cost, cycle time, customer service, […]

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Surviving one of the most challenging economic climates in history has been particularly hard for the commercial real estate investment industry. Companies that have successfully weathered the storm, have done so through persistent focus on the drivers of asset utilization, sophisticated cost analysis and management, and a strong understanding of customer expectations. The ability to […]

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Information is the lifeblood of the financial services industry, and there are many opportunities to leverage business intelligence, big data, business analytics, and data management to better-serve customers and achieve business objectives.   This is particularly true for large diversified companies trying to manage across geographies, business units, customer segments, products/services, and channels.  It is also true […]

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Government agencies face many challenges in executing their missions, and there are many opportunities to enhance mission performance and outcomes by leveraging business intelligence, big data, performance management systems, and advanced analytics.  Whether the challenge is optimizing resource allocation, analyzing costs in relation to outcomes, explaining service level impacts of budget cuts, or improving operational activities […]

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Electric utilities face many operational and cost management challenges, ranging from optimizing asset maintenance strategies, meeting customer expectations for reactive maintenance response times, managing utility construction projects, hedging against variability in the cost of purchased power, and leveraging the blizzard of data from smart meters to incentivize energy conservation.   Leveraging business intelligence, big data, data […]

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While every industry has its own unique set of data and information challenges, almost every company has a common need to use information more effectively.  Regardless of where a client is in their use of information, DecisionPath can help clients understand how information can be used for greater operational efficiency and competitive advantage.  Whether you’re […]

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What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is the process of using business information to make more informed and impactful decisions. Done right, BI helps you really drive profits and business performance .

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Featured Case Study

  • Business Intelligence Consulting Solutions: How to deliver and leverage comprehensive high-quality information and modern performance management tools to manage a national network of 8,500 field offices

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