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Decision Path Courses

Business Intelligence Courses

The BI Pathway Approach: Delivering BI for Business Value
Your team will learn a comprehensive end-to-end process for creating a BI and DW vision and strategy, making a compelling business case, identifying and overcoming barriers to success, formulating a realistic program plan, defining requirements and priorities, leveraging scalable business and technical architectures, employing best practices technical methods, and continuously leveraging BI to drive improved business performance.

Business Requirements for BI Impact
Your team will learn how to work with the business community to identify and document business requirements for leveraging BI for such purposes as reducing costs, acquiring and retaining profitable customers, achieving operational excellence, increasing campaign effectiveness, meeting regulatory mandates, delivering more robust management and financial information, improving strategic performance, and driving top-line growth.

Leveraging BI to Improve Business Results for Electric Utilities
Your team will learn how BI is used to improve core business processes that drive business results, how to identify and prioritize BI opportunities, and some of the top BI opportunities for electric utilities.

Aligning Balanced Scorecards and BI to Optimize Performance
Your team will learn how Balanced Scorecards and BI compliment each other and the practical ways that the two can be aligned to develop a robust business performance improvement tool.

Performance Management Courses

Business Intelligence Fundamentals: Implementing BI to Enable a Strategy-Aligned Balanced Scorecard
 In this course you will be introduced to the Balanced Scorecard framework and how it is used to align the business for optimal business performance. You will also learn about balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame best practices. You will also be guided through the steps involved in creating a strategy map, designing a scorecard, identifying measures, targets, and initiatives and obtaining executive buy-in. From an  overall business impact perspective, you will learn how to align the information needs of your Balanced Scorecard with those of your broader BI program to minimize rework and maximize ROI.

Business Analytics Fundamentals: Effective Use of Information to Drive Business Performance
In this course you will learn what business analytics is through a series of examples, case studies and exercises. You will learn how well designed analytics programs support performance management and how to turn data into information. You will also learn about the challenges and success factors you will encounter as you begin to use information to drive business performance.

TDWI Courses

In addition to our standard courses, we also teach the following courses owned by and/or distributed in conjunction with the Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI):

  • TDWI Data Warehousing Concepts and Principles
  • TDWI Business Intelligence Fundamentals
  • TDWI Data Warehousing Architectures
  • TDWI Business Intelligence Executive Briefing
  • TDWI Business Intelligence Project Management for Business Intelligence
  • TDWI Business Intelligence Program Management
  • TDWI Data Modeling
  • TDWI Dimensional Data Modeling Primer
  • TDWI Data Analysis and Design Basics for BI Teams
  • TDWI Data Cleansing: Delivering High Quality Warehouse Data
  • TDWI Data Integration Basics for BI Teams
  • TDWI Enterprise Metrics – Designing Integrated Business Metrics
  • TDWI Requirements Gathering

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