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PerformancePath: Framework for Performance Management Success

While each company and industry is different, there is a lot of functional commonality in that companies want to grow revenues, optimize costs, serve their best customers well, and so forth.  To capitalize on that commonality and to jump start our clients’ BPM and analytics programs, we have created PerformancePath – a complete performance management and analytics framework that is easily configured to your exact specifications.

Some of the common uses of analytics that utilize the PerformancePath framework include:

  • enterprise performance management
  • revenue management
  • customer service analysis
  • cost and financial analysis
  • supply chain and operations analysis
  • sales and operations planning
  • purchasing management
  • category management and assortment optimization
  • trade promotion management and optimization
  • inventory management

PerformancePath by Industry

While many of the above uses of business analytics are common among industries, we recognize the inherently unique complexity in specific industries.  As such, we’ve developed a series of PerformancePath modules custom-designed to meet the challenges of the following industries:

  • PerformancePath for Food & Consumer Packaged Goods Companies
  • PerformancePath for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

For an example of how PerformancePath’s industry specific modules work, here’s an overview of PerformancePath for Food & CPG 

Custom PerformancePath Solutions

For those clients who prefer a completely customized approach to performance management and analytics, DecisionPath senior consultants can facilitate development of strategy maps and cascaded scorecards, or we can use your existing strategy map and/or scorecards.  Once the overall performance management approach has been established, we use our PerformancePath Method to design and automate performance measurement applications that are tightly coupled with the performance analytics required to drill down to the root causes of variances, model potential impacts of corrective actions, and simulate financial results.  While most companies today use performance management tools to measure and analyze what happened in the past, many are quickly turning their attention to the use of predictive analytics to shape future business results.  PerformancePath solutions can help your company create the future it would like to achieve.

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