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The BI Pathway Method

Every successful journey starts with a plan – a forward-looking approach to arriving at a destination that anticipates known obstacles and avoids unnecessary detours. The BI Pathway Method is our highly- rated BI industry methodology for helping our clients stay on track as they take the journey toward deploying and leveraging business intelligence and analytics to drive business results. Using the BI Pathway Method, we help clients design, develop, and deploy business intelligence and analytical applications that deliver a tangible positive impact on the core business processes that drive business results and profits. It provides our clients with an easy-to-learn, repeatable process that can be used to meet their business users’ needs for better tools for competing and winning in today’s increasingly complex global business environment.

As industry leaders, we have observed many well-intentioned organizations that have not achieved success due to common BI industry risks.  BI Pathway was developed in response to our understanding of where things often go wrong.

Common Impediments to Success(click image to enlarge)

A Flexible Framework to Improve Your for Business Intelligence Program

Due to its flexibility, our clients have been able to utilize the BI Pathway method at varying stages of maturity in their BI program.  Whether you are just starting out, realigning your BI program or looking to grow to the next level, our use of the BI Pathway Method can help you:

  • revitalize stalled BI programs
  • launch practical BI programs
  • identify and prioritize high impact BI projects
  • define a robust technical architecture
  • justify and select BI and data warehousing technologies
  • deliver successful BI projects
  • drive improvements to critical business processes

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