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Industry-Leading Business Intelligence Consulting Services

No matter where your starting point is, or where you want to go with business intelligence, DecisionPath can guide you to success. Our customized business intelligence consulting services are keenly focused on helping our clients determine the best route forward for delivering and leveraging business intelligence that creates substantial business impacts. These impacts can be seen through improvements to the core management processes, customer-focused processes, and operating processes that drive business results and ultimately determine profits. Our proven approach is described in our book The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence

Fundamentally, our approach is to help our clients systematically address the most commonly encountered risks and challenges associated with business intelligence, analytics, and performance management initiatives.  A key to that is working with your business and IT communities to forge a common understanding of what those risks and challenges are, build a consensus vision for the road forward, and articulate compelling value propositions from both business and IT perspectives.  This creates the foundation for gaining sponsorship and funding, and for building a pragmatic roadmap to guide the route forward to success.

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