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Business Intelligence Consulting for Marketing Professionals

Marketing departments have many opportunities to leverage big data, business intelligence, business performance management, and business analytics.  With more and more data being collected about customers, product/service purchases, and promotional results, the challenge for many marketing professionals is figuring out how to organize and leverage this data.  Further, the prevalence of social media has created an explosion of unstructured big data – much of it meaningless, but some of which can be mined to gain greater insights into customer needs, preferences, and purchasing behaviors.

DecisionPath Consulting helps marketing executives and marketing teams evaluate improvement opportunities enabled by business intelligence, big data, business performance management, and business analytics.  With the right solution, marketing executives and marketing teams can more easily segment and identify the most valuable customers, anticipate their needs, provide them with the right offer at the right time, reward loyalty, and manage customer retention and profitability over time.

Marketing Solutions

  • BI for Marketing Professionals:

    DecisionPath provides business intelligence solutions to help marketing managers and analysts:

    • Understand their competitive landscape
    • Acquire and retain customers
    • Optimize performance of marketing channels
    • Determine customer lifetime value

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