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Business Intelligence Consulting for Information Technology Profressionals

Big data, data warehousing, business intelligence, data management, and business analytics are all hot topics for IT executives.  While social media strategies and keeping business systems humming are high priorities, more and more IT executives are asked to tame the torrent of data flows, manage data as an enterprise asset, and enable the business to leverage data to achieve a demonstrable ROI.

DecisionPath has extensive experience helping IT executives develop practical strategies and roadmaps for levering big data, business intelligence, business performance management, and business analytics.  We can speak from experience with large companies in many industries as we help you explain the business impact of a cohesive multi-year investment in the tools, technologies, methods, and people required to fully leverage your data assets and achieve a suitable ROI. 



Information Technology Solutions

  • BI for IT Professionals:
    • Assessment & Gap Analysis
    • BI Roadmap & Justification
    • BI Requirements Portfolio
    • Information Architecture
    • Technology Selection
    • Technical Execution

Information Technology Success Stories

  • Food Company; BI for CIOs – 1:

    Upgrading and getting more business value from an outdated risk-prone data warehousing and business intelligence infrastructure while also responding to growing business unit demand for better information and performance management tools

  • Food Company; BI for C-Level Management – 1:

    Upgrading and get more business value from existing data warehousing and business intelligence infrastructure while driving more informed decisions through better information and performance management tools

  • Financial Services Company; BI for Finance Management – 1:

    Cost-effectively leveraging high-quality financial, cost, and operational information to plan, budget, measure, control, and drive company financial performance

  • Financial Services Company; BI for CIO – 1:

    Business Intelligence Consulting Solutions: aligning and redirecting a BI/DW program to better utilize financial and operational business information needed to better manage, and improve financial performance

  • Electric Utilities Company; BI for IT and Business Executives-1:

    Aligning BI investment strategy with industry and company business challenges, justifying the strategy to regulators, and creating a pragmatic roadmap based on business-driven BI priorities and a low-risk technical approach

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