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Does your company's BI strategy prepare you for success?

While some companies have a solid understanding of business intelligence trends, and the benefits of business intelligence, others struggle to look at it as little more than a sophisticated reporting tool. Still others find themselves asking the question: what is business intelligence (BI)?

Through our consulting work with business intelligence strategy, and constant research on business intelligence trends, we’ve been able to identify a number of best practices that successful companies use to drive value from their BI and analytics programs.

We’ve consolidated these into seven key readiness factors to which companies must pay particular attention if they hope to achieve a significant bottom-line impact (ROI) from business intelligence.
In this whitepaper, we’ll examine each of these seven factors, looking at how each factor is defined, why it’s important for developing ROI in your business intelligence program, key questions you can use to determine your company’s state of readiness, and what to do if you find that your company is strong or lacking in one or more area.

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