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CIOs to Business Analytics: Sorry We Neglected You

Last week, I posted “Can Organizations Get Business Analytics Strategy Right?” which looked at a recent Gartner report that predicted that more than 70% of companies wouldn’t be able to successfully connect analytics and business strategy.

Gartner followed up this report with their 2012 CIO survey. One of the interesting findings was that business intelligence/business analytics jumped back up to the number one priority for CIOs after slipping to 5th place in 2011.

There are a number of reasons why this shift occurred: virtualization projects have wrapped up, or 2011 projects were more focused on cost savings vs. growth, for example.  We thought it would be amusing to take a look at how the shift took place in the following video:

While this is a somewhat tongue in cheek look at the role analytics is playing for CIOs, and for that matter organizations in general, it does underscore a theme that the two Gartner reports keep coming back to: business analytics has the potential to play a major role in supporting and shaping business strategy.

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