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How Effectively is Your Company Using Business Analytics?

It’s a question we asked last year, and one we’re asking again (in this survey).

Last year we conducted a survey of business and IT executives to get their thoughts on how business data was being used (or not) by their organization.  The initial results provided us with some great information about how well companies are using their business data to meet key business challenges.

Does Size Matter in Business Analytics?

In this year’s survey, we’re expanding our questions to deal with size – roughly speaking.  We’re looking at whether or not a company’s size has an impact on how effectively they’re using business data, and also looking at how well they are (or will be) in leveraging big data.

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What Our Analytics Research Told Us

Here are some of the key findings from the initial report:

At a company level, there’s a widespread lack of maturity. Although BI adoption is widespread, it is often stuck at lower levels of BI maturity often seen as standard reports instead of mission critical applications that executives can use to keep their fingers on the pulse of their day-to-day job functions.

At a business function level, there’s a disconnect between BI need and current BI use. While BI is being used in most job functions (roles), there are important gaps in how effectively BI is being used to solve the day to day challenges. Business users want to be able to leverage more sophisticated business analytics, but since they don’t know what’s available, they struggle to articulate a more sophisticated solution.

At an IT/BI management level, there’s a vicious cycle. There’s a vicious cycle occurring with the IT/BI team being deluged with requests for new applications, but business users thinking that the BI team isn’t able to get BI applications developed and deployed fast enough. This constant demand makes it difficult for the BI team to develop higher-impact applications with higher ROI; this perceived lack of responsiveness causes the business user side to overlook the BI program as a mission critical tool.

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We’d love to get your input, especially if you’re a business executive or user. If you do take the survey, you’ll be invited to a participants-only webinar to discuss the results before they’re published. One participant will also receive a new Apple iPad 2.

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We look forward to your input.

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