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Federal Business Intelligence Roadmaps: The Way to Go

Now that the summer vacation season is upon us, many federal managers are taking some well deserved time off and hitting the road. The most successful travelers are the ones best prepared. They plan the best route and anticipate the slowdowns along the way. In the end, they reach their destination and enjoy its benefits.

Many federal managers have driven down the BI road. Some reached their destination while others don’t get out of the parking lot. Still others took a wrong turn or broke down along the way. How can a federal manager plan for the BI trip? We’ve done quite a bit of BI strategy work for numerous clients, often starting with a BI Roadmap. When properly crafted, it’s the gas that fuels the project, the map that plots the course, and the plan for avoiding the obstacles.

What are the components of a properly crafted BI Roadmap? It starts with an overall strategy. Building a BI strategy is like identifying your trip destination and explaining the reason for going there. It consists of: 

  • BI Opportunity Portfolio.  The first step is to identify specific opportunities where BI could be used in the organization. These areas are prioritized based on business risk and organizational impact, resulting in a BI Opportunity Portfolio.
  • BI High-Level Requirements.  Once the portfolio is constructed, high-level business requirements are created. These requirements specify the business information and business analysis needed for decision making in the BI opportunity areas.
  • BI Business Case The final step is to build the case for how BI will improve decision making and improve efficiency and effectiveness in the BI opportunity areas. This business case forms the foundation for the development of your BI program.

An effective BI Strategy starts your journey in the right direction. It focuses business and IT communities’ attention on high-impact business improvement opportunities. What about the risks? How does the IT manager deal with the roadblocks along the way? In my next federal blog entry, I’ll show you how to smash through those BI roadblocks!

By David McIntire, Director of Federal Business Intelligence

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