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A Look at Business Intelligence Adoption and Use

Here’s a short and somewhat lighthearted look at the difference in language between IT and business people, and the frustrations that sometimes accompany that difference.

While the scene is meant to be humorous, it underscores a very real challenge that companies face when unable to collaborate on using technology to solve business needs.  We examined this difference in our whitepaper, “How Effectively are Companies Using Business Analytics?

Executive Summary:

In our experience as business intelligence and business analytics consultants, we have seen a wide range of BI adoption and maturity. We’ve also seen a wide range in the perception of BI’s role among the clients we serve. Through this survey, we were able to look at some of the reasons why there is such a wide range, particularly in the perceptions of BI between IT and business professionals. Here are three key findings of the report:

1. At a company level, there’s a widespread lack of maturity.

Although BI adoption is widespread, it is often stuck at lower levels of BI maturity often seen as standard reports instead of mission critical applications that executives can use to keep their fingers on the pulse of their day-to-day job functions.

2. At a business function level, there’s a disconnect between BI need and current BI use.

While BI is being used in most job functions (roles), there are important gaps in how effectively BI is being used to solve the day to day challenges. Business users want to be able to leverage more sophisticated business analytics, but since they don’t know what’s available, they struggle to articulate a more sophisticated solution

3. At an IT/BI management level, there’s a vicious cycle.

There’s a vicious cycle occurring with the IT/BI team being deluged with requests for new applications, but business users thinking that the BI team isn’t able to get BI applications developed and deployed fast enough. This constant demand makes it difficult for the BI team to develop higher-impact applications with higher ROI; this perceived lack of responsiveness causes the business user side to overlook the BI program as a mission critical tool.

To find out more about how how companies view business intelligence and business analytics, download the full whitepaper below:

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