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DecisionPath to Teach DW Architectures: Chicago, June 6, 2011

Summary: DecisionPath has been selected to teach  TDWI Data Warehousing Architectures: Choosing the Right Data Warehousing Approach at the TDWI Conference in Chicago

When: June 6, 2011

Where: TDWI World Conference: Validating your DW/BI Direction, Chicago, IL

Course Summary:

This course provides an overview of some of the common architectures (hub versus bus) and methodologies (top-down versus bottom-up) that uniquely combine to form a data warehousing approach. There are many published approaches available and it can be difficult to objectively evaluate, select, and manage the right approach for a given situation. This course develops an assessment framework that can be applied across a range of approaches to help guide architects and managers in their selection process. As an illustration, the framework is developed and applied to some of the published approaches that are available in the literature and promoted by leading practitioners.

You Will Learn

  • To identify and describe some popular and common data warehousing architectures
  • To identify differences between top-down, bottom-up, and hybrid methodologies
  • How architectures and methodologies are dependent on each other and combine to form an approach
  • How to use ongoing assessments to ensure your approach maintains its relevance over time
  • To describe key features of some published data warehousing approaches
  • How to objectively assess and select the right approach for your data warehousing program

Geared To

  • BI/DW architects; program managers and directors; business sponsors for BI/DW programs; practitioners who need to distinguish between DW approaches; participants in DW architectural and/or methodology decisions

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