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BI Director/Federal Government

Federal Government
Company Type:
Economic Security
Company Size:
Job Functions:
Business Intelligence Director, CIO

Challenge: How to use innovative work measurement techniques and data warehousing technology to create new and actionable business information for field office operations..

Our client is a large U.S. federal agency responsible for advancing economic security is undergoing a multi-year effort to standardize the methods and tools of measuring and executing citizen-facing business processes.

The Challenge

The agency uses manual work sampling to measure the amount of time employees spend performing direct service activities. This method, while valid for cost accounting at a national level, is not sufficiently accurate, timely or detailed enough for operational planning and control purposes at a local or regional level.

The Solution

DecisionPath used innovating thinking and worked with the client to develop a better system and process to measure employee work time. This new approach transparently and automatically measures the time employees are performing direct service work. We combined this information with activity counts, payroll and other relevant data to create highly granular, timely, relevant, and actionable business intelligence. This new information is accessible enterprise-wide through advanced business intelligence tools.

The Benefits

This rich source of new business information is providing valuable insight into operational planning and control. It is allowing the client to better manage their workloads at the office level. In addition, it is generating more accurate and granular cost information and also providing more detailed information for budget formulation and execution. It is allowing the client to better manage their organization.

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