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Apr 5, 2011: DecisionPath to teach Project Management for BI-TDWI DC

Summary: DecisionPath has been selected to teach TDWI Project Management for Business Intelligence at the 2011 TDWI World Conference, Washington, DC.

When: April 5, 2011, 8:00 am–5:30 pm

Where: Spring 2011 TDWI World Conference, at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City near Washington, D.C.

Course Summary:
Managing BI projects is a difficult responsibility that challenges even the most experienced IT project managers. Source system dependencies, uncertain data quality, volatile business requirements, and business urgency are but a few examples among a multitude of challenges. Many kinds of BI projects, ranging from data integration to predictive analytics, add to the complexities—and multiple technologies from data warehousing to data mining compound the problem. With BI projects, there is no project management silver bullet—no “one size fits all” approach to project management. Learn how to choose among traditional, agile, and other project management methods. Then find out how to apply the chosen method for project planning, execution, monitoring, control, completion, and closure.

Participants Will Learn

  • Why and how managing BI projects is more difficult than managing traditional IT projects
  • How to define a manageable BI project
  • How to choose among traditional, agile, and rational unified project management methods
  • How to combine methods to create a hybrid approach to BI project management
  • How to plan a project with each project management method
  • How to apply each method in project execution
  • How each method supports project monitoring and control
  • How to apply each method at project completion

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